Remote Access Support

The introduction of the internet & constant technology upgrades has now seen a big change in the way we do business, not only do we service clients in our Rural Communities but now all over Australia and the World!  Due to this demand we are now offering Remote Access Support.

If you require assistance with a computer issue you may be experiencing, or we may want to demonstrate our Website services with you, we can remotely access your computer. 

This tool is effective as it reduces the need to travel and helps avoid the frustration of trying to resolve issues over the phone.  It enables us to see what your seeing and if required make the necessary changes to your computer to get a quick & efficient resolution!

We do not have access to your computer without your permission, the connection cannot occur without interaction from you the client.  If this option has been suggested to you from one of our friendly Team at Mogg Osborne Pty Ltd, they will have directed you to this webpage or you may have received an email with a web link to our support login. 

To commence a Remote Access Support Session, please do the following;

Click on the link

When the webpage opens you will see an area "Enter Invitation Code"
Enter the Code in the box and select Go
Please note: This code will be supplied to you by a Mogg Osborne Pty Ltd Staff member.

The Join a session window will appear, click on the Run Program button.

If you get a UAC pop up window which may ask "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?", please click on YES.

We will now have access to your computer and can assist to find a resolution to your issue.

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