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Dec 10th, 2018 – Fake invoice phishing variant

We've had reports today of people receiving a new version of the fake invoice reminder phishing email.

The email subject used this time is 'Reminder: Bill Invoice INV-18178 from XXX is due' and is being sent from a wide range of individual and business email addresses.

The invoice number, amount and business names may vary in an attempt to make the invoice more convincing. Some of the business names used may be legitimate businesses.

Please be aware that these emails were not sent by Xero.

Here is an example of an email we've received:

If you have received this email, you should report it as phishing and delete it. Do not click on the 'View invoice' link. The link in this phishing email will redirect you to a malicious website.  

If you're an existing Xero user, we recommend enabling Two-Step Authentication (2SA) as another layer of protection for your account. You can find out more about 2SA here.

You can find more information on how to protect yourself from email phishing attacks here.

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