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Why work for us?

At Mogg Osborne Pty Ltd we are committed to developing and retaining quality staff not only to achieve our goals and those of our clients but to also encourage our staff to progress and achieve their goals.  We  consider ourselves to be a progressive firm and our staff have access to the latest technology.  

We use a full practice management suite of software including Document Management and are working
towards our "Less paper Office".  All staff use dual screens and we are constantly reviewing our processes
to find efficiencies through better systems and software solutions.  Our firm has accepted and embraces change.

Our staff working environment comprises of various teams.  Our staff were encouraged to discuss what they
consider to be their Team Values and then characterised how these values are practised in our firm.  


  • We practice honesty, trust, empathy, consideration, caring, understanding, loyalty, diversity, acceptance, compassion.
  • We acknowledge culture, beliefs, language, gender, personality, age, skill, ethics, opinion, flexibility of situation.


  • We present a professional image – community views, first impressions, environment surrounding.
  • We demonstrate communication skills, effective management, quality and accuracy, presentation, customer service.
  • We develop knowledge and staff training.
  • Conduct ourselves in an ethical, respectful, professional culture.


  • We communicate by giving clear instructions, understanding expectations, tailoring communication to individuals.
  • Our communication is two-ways, discussion or instructional orientated (as appropriate), kindly with empathy, timely.
  • We apply various lines of communication including verbal, body language and written.


  • We believe in what we are doing, we are enthusiastic, we are prepared to go the extra mile
  • We ensure we achieve goals, we are committed, we are highly motivated.
  • We will lead the field.


  • Our commitment is purposeful and real
  • We show dedication and are focused both as individuals and as a team.
  • We have an excellent work ethic displaying loyalty, are driven, motivated and willing to go the extra mile.
  • We are team players at all levels and follow and accept team standards.

Our staff are proud to work for Mogg Osborne Pty Ltd and inturn the principals consider their staff to be the firms best asset and this philosophy is why our firm is one of the largest in our region and growing strong. 

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